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Reiki is a discipline belonging to the energetic healing systems. It is based, like other similar methods, on the hypothesis that the human being, in addition to a physical body, has a subtle body, which could be favorably influenced by knowing how to do it. To this end, the Reiki practitioner "channels" a special type of energy that unlocks and revitalizes this subtle field. To perform this process he almost always uses his hands, through which the Reiki energy flows once the practitioner has been attuned to it through an initiation procedure, necessarily performed by a qualified Reiki master. In these initiations, the student's aura is ALIGNED and connected to specific energy bands, transmitting certain frequencies in the form of so-called "reiki symbols", thus becoming a Reiki channel for his whole life. This ability will be maintained, regardless of whether the recipient practices it or not, although its development and refinement, as in any discipline, will depend on the practice. Although it doesn't seem important, the energetic level of the master channel is definite in the quality of reiki that you can then channel. That is why it is so important, as in other disciplines, to choose carefully who is going to make you a reiki channel.

The sessions can be practiced by physical contact with the receiver (putting on hands) or not (distance techniques). In addition to the hands, the Reiki practitioner can channel energy through his or her energetic body through the specialized focus of his or her attention and intent.

The word "Reiki" is used to name the healing system and also the energy that is channeled into this system. It is a natural procedure that favors the stimulation of one's own vital energy, helping the body and mind to be in a better energetic disposition so that the self-healing mechanisms are manifested.

Reiki is simple and accessible; it has transcended cultural and geographical barriers, spreading widely, especially since the end of the 20th century.

Reiki is a method of natural healing that does not conflict with any other type of treatment, be it natural or pharmacological. Reiki practitioner does not diagnose, recommend or make value judgments about medical treatments since it is not their function. Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment.

Reiki training is especially indicated for people who are already receiving individual sessions of Bioenergetic Resonance that want to expand their knowledge and use it for self-healing. Also for therapists already professionally trained in other natural or sanitary disciplines. 

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In the First Degree, the student is connected to the source of Reiki, maintaining this connection throughout his or her life. In initiation, the channel necessary for this to take place is installed, and work is done on the energy centers called Chakras. It is done in conjunction with the second degree initiation so that the student has the ability to do Reiki distance techniques.
What is Reiki?
Reiki Systems. Usui-Tibetan system.
The degrees of Reiki.
Energy, Consciousness.
The Energetic Body, Symmetry and Systems.
The Chakra System, the Subtle Bodies.
The Reiki Symbols.
Reiki with laying on of hands.
Lightball technique.
Reiki at a distance.
Healing crisis or cleanliness, contraindications.
Plants and animals.
Reiki Mudra.
The Beaming technique.
Technique of fingers or lateral balance.
First and second degree Reiki initiation.
Reiki positions for third party hands and self-imposition.

Once the second grade is completed, the student can access the third grade. Two new symbols are activated, reconfiguring and tuning the channel with the energy proper to this level. The master's degree can be taken in conjunction with the third grade provided that at least 3 months have passed since the beginning of the second grade and the teacher sees fit.
The Initiation of the Third Degree or Advanced Degree.
Third Degree Reiki Symbols.
Third Degree Reiki Meditation.
Psychoenergetic Surgery with Reiki.
Energetic Healing.
Perception by Resonance.
The Focal Channeling Mudra.
The Origin of Suffering.
Disease as the Way.

In this degree the student becomes a Reiki Master, that is to say, he is authorized to be able to initiate other people in the different degrees of the Usui-Tibetan Reiki system, although before doing so he will need to train for months to obtain the permission of his master before starting to initiate others. The healing energy channeled by a Reiki master is more intense than that of a practitioner. In this degree one assumes the responsibility of becoming a Master of his own destiny, continuing (for life) his self-healing. It is very important for a Reiki master to act consciously. Having done this seminar doesn't mean anything. Those who choose to teach or be therapists should self-purify themselves and maintain as much balance as possible. This is called IMPECABILITY. The courses and therapies must be professional; those who carry out this work must be properly trained. Together we all have a responsibility to present natural medicine as something very serious. This mastery is not the last, since Karuna's mastery would be missing to complete the teaching. Most people who access this level only use it for themselves. A few, however, will integrate it into their profession as alternative therapists and disseminators of natural medicine.
The Reiki Symbols of the Tibetan Usui Mastery.
Master's Meditation.
Introduction to the Usui-Tibetan Reiki Mastery System.
Reiki tuning or initiations.
Become a Reiki master.
First Grade Initiation Technique.
Second Grade Initiation Technique.
Initiation Technique for the Third Degree.
Initiation Technique for Master's Degree.
Reiki sessions with the mastery of Tibetan Usui.
Use of the Distance Symbol with different techniques.
After one to two months since the mastery of the Usui-Tibetan, you can access the master's degree of Karuna Reiki System.

Meaning of Karuna Reiki.
Karuna Reiki Mastery Initiation.
Symbols "Masters" of the Karuna Reiki System. Symbols "Practitioners" of the Karuna Reiki System.
Healing the shadow or dark side.
Taoist model of organic functioning and System of Channels or Meridians.
The Alignment. Biocrystalline resonance.
Comprehensive sessions Karuna.
Karuna Master's Focal Settings Table.

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