Bioenergetic Resonance

Emoenergetic Recapitulation

If we review our lives and works, we can easily find events that appear in our minds over and over again, affecting us, even though they have been going on for years. People who come to our memory, being present on a daily basis despite not being part of our lives nowadays. Relationships we do nothing but complain about, and yet we don't let them go. Places that make our hair stand on end, or feel ourselves melancholic, or angry, or hilarious.... Repeated patterns, in which time and time again we stumble upon the same stone, which we sometimes call "bad luck" and other times "blessing". Daily nightmares, sterile dreams and toxic relationships that keep us away from the Being that was conceived to perceive, recreate, fight, grow and wonder about the mystery of life. In Emoenergetica, many of these phenomena can be explained from the point of view of the interrelationship of our own subtle energy field with that of other human beings, while at times they are simply the result of the incongruous relationship and demeanour we maintain with ourselves.

The objectives of the Emoenergetic Recapitulation techniques are:

Unlock the energetic field or second body, improving its fluidity.

Recover lost energy, as well as the own subtle filaments involved in relationships and emotional dependencies that are usually trapped in the energy field of others.

Release the vital, subtle and emotional energy stagnant in linguistic commands, belief systems and memory.

To give back to others their own energy, incorporated in the form of subtle filaments in their own field through social contact.

Thus, it is possible to begin to have enough energy to make the real attempt to reduce MENTAL NOISE, to cultivate and strengthen ATTENTION, to change the ENTROPIC CONDUCT, to get rid of TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS and to gradually break the CHAIN OF perverse DECISIONS to which we are bound. In this way, and putting a lot of value on it, we can begin in conditions the titanic task of changing the IMAGE OF ONE' SELF AND THE WORLD, which lasts a lifetime, with the objective of increasing the INTERNAL SILENCE, the consciousness and the perception so that if we decide to really align a part of our energy with the SPIRIT, we will have enough power to do it.

Recapitulation is a human need comparable to cleaning up and being flexible; this is not enough to move forward, but it is definitely a prerequisite for doing so.

The EMOENERGETIC RECAPITULATION is part of an advanced human healing and development system called BIOENERGETIC RESONANCE. The different influences I had at the time of creating the Emoenergetic Recapitulation have allowed me to give an approach in which the practitioner can get involved from a fairly superficial level (to relieve emotional tensions) to a deeply existential level (recovering lost power and the control of his own existence and personal evolution), achieving, in any case, a positive yield that will be proportional to the deepening in this way of life.

The seminars are held in a one-day intensive. It is a deeply transforming experience, a before and after for the seekers of consciousness who need practical tools that they can use in their daily lives.

The Emoenergetic Recapitulation is especially oriented to those who are already receiving individual sessions of Bioenergetic Resonance. 

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Historical background of the Recapitulation.
Theoretical and practical model of Emoenergetic Recapitulation.
Explanation of the overall objective through the 3 parts.
PsychoEmotional Approach to Emoenergetic Recapitulation.
Shamanic approach to Emoenergetic Recapitulation.
Initiation in the Emoenergetic Recapitulation Mantra.
Yawning breathing.
Expanding your perception: perception by resonance.
Elaboration of lists and notebooks of recapitulation objects.
Emotional Dependence.
The errors of the mind.
The psychological reverses.
The malignancies.
The egos’s defects.
Healing the shadow.
The Emotional Core.
The 6 core emotions. Joy, fear, sadness, motive force, love, recreation.
Symmetry and entropy.
Emotional symmetry.
Horizontal and vertical development.
Archetypes, images and suprasystems.
Negative feelings.
The essential virtues.
The will.
Vital attitude.
Alignment as a means of emotional development.
Meditation and inner silence.

Texts and Photographs © Chema Sanz 2018