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1996-2018: 22 years of experience devoted to healing and personal growth.

We come into the world with no rule book, no given logic and no guidance manual describing exactly how we are to deal with the process of living a life. We are like an unsolved puzzle, pieces scattered around, missing; and, with no image of the final result, embarking on the task of solving it can seem overwhelming.

But the image of the unsolved puzzle is there, hidden somewhere inside your totality, inside something unimaginably large. And it is by accepting the challenge, by adopting the work of attempting to solve this puzzle despite its seeming unsolvability, that we can gain access into this totality.

There are many options out there that seem to relieve the feeling of incompletion, and promise a sense of wholeness and peace, but in fact only serve to maintain the pain and our impression of incompleteness. Acting as a band aid or a temporary filler, the solution quickly dissolves repeatedly, so we can end up leading our lives in a constant search for new ways to fill these gaps. Love, sex, food, substances, body image, money, addiction; we yearn for everything and anything.

Longing to see oneself as a complete being is normal, although this desire, if mishandled, can lead to frustration and the repetition of negative patterns: trying to fill this void or simply ignoring it. Sometimes instead of recognising / accepting ourselves as an evolving process, we focus on the muddled fragments that are piled up and mixed with emptiness.

Yet, only one piece fully fits each of these vacuums, and, while it is true that you have go looking for these missing pieces, reaching them is only a means and not an end. The real prize is learning, which is what you get while you seek and relocate the pieces of your life. The result of filling that void with the right pieces, triggers an increase in self-consciousness and self-esteem.
Healing, from the viewpoint of the Bioenergetic Resonance, is the process through which you embark on the search for your lost pieces and learn to place them in the right place, in order to remember that your life has meaning and purpose: the discovery of your own capacities of consciousness and evolution that, as a living being that you are, have been placed at your disposal. Healing means increasing the synergy between your outer world and your inner world. Receiving individual Bioenergetic Resonance sessions on a regular basis helps in putting your energy in order, as well as providing personal and spiritual counselling that encourages you to go much further than you possibly envisioned.

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Looking inward to change your world

The revolution necessary to change things is the knowledge of oneself.

We live in fascinating times, a period of rapid change, in an environment with unprecedented complexity in the history of humanity. Does it benefit us to keep advancing without really understanding our lives and our emotions in relation to this complexity? Is it possible for individuals not to be affected by the pace at which the world is moving? Can the external world of everyday struggles and responsibilities be harmonized with our own inner world? How can we begin to accept our lives as inherently connected to a mysterious and infinite universe? Is a modern spirituality possible, in which ideas inclined towards scientific thought are coupled with a transcendent vision of life?

For over two decades, I have been working on finding answers to these questions through Bioenergetic Resonance. Offering on one hand an explanatory model of reality, and on the other an original therapy of the soul; a path of healing, personal evolution and spiritual awakening.

You can be part of this adventure.

Professional accompaniment in disease processes.

A life dedicated to healing

When circumstances invite you to surrender or to fight.

I was just 16 years old when I started experiencing a strange and persistent pain in my hip. In the following months, the pain spread to my knees and feet and after 6 months of multiple visits to different specialists, I was finally diagnosed with a rare chronic degenerative disease. The diagnosis was pessimistic; the disease was incurable, it would inevitably worsen over time and my only hope was that over the coming years science would advance sufficiently in the treatment of the disease. 30 years since my diagnosis and, for now, the disease remains unresolved by medicine.

Receiving news like this at any age is deeply affecting. As a teenager, the world closed in over me, and suddenly the rest of my life seemed very uncertain and small, like a dark spot. But from that very first diagnosis, my choice was to fight.

In the following years, as the disease kept advancing slowly but relentlessly, I developed a second disease of the intestine; also chronic, also incurable. I couldn't believe my bad luck. At this point I had serious difficulties standing and walking, not to mention the intense pain and other symptoms of the intestinal disease that had now begun to appear.

I was determined to open myself to healing and not surrender to my diagnosis, so in addition to the regular hospital visits and pharmacological treatment, I started trying other techniques. I received polar electromagnetic balance treatments, homeopathy, magnetic healing, pranic healing, and studied acupuncture and Reiki alongside many other energy healing techniques. I adopted the attitude that somehow I would find the necessary help for my cure, and that it was just a matter of persisting and following a process of trial and error.

After 12 years of illness and a lot of therapeutic work, one day, almost suddenly, the pains and other symptoms began to diminish. For the first time in 10 years, I was able to put my left heel on the floor, and in the course of a few months it was possible for me to completely abandon all medication. At that time I had already left my job as a coder and started working as a therapist. Since then, I have lived free of those two diseases, although I've had to take more care of myself than a regular person.

In this process I have learned many things, and I am not just talking about intellectual learning. I'm talking about life learning. When illness presents itself, it comes with a travel companion: the opportunity to grow. Of course, you don't really have to suffer from illness or some kind of misfortune to learn or find meaning in your life. But sometimes those things can be used as catalysts because of the intense loss they put you through. If you look at illness alone, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose; even if you try with all your heart, it might not work. I was lucky enough to win in this respect. But I still persevere, knowing that I don't need to be at my lowest to move where I need to. Even if I hadn't healed myself, I would have still earned everything I've learned so far.

Bioenergetic Resonance is a healing system and a framework of human knowledge that I built through my experience of illness and of healing. Most people who benefit from Bioenergetic Resonance use the system as therapy with regular individual sessions. A few become advance learners and receive training as therapists themselves. This journey involves a theoretical and practical model of extrasensory perception, as well as an advanced protocol of intervention and treatment of the energy field.

This is my own personal experience. This system does not deal with the physical body, but with the subtle one. This system is not intended to substitute medical treatment.

Recently many people have been interested in my work from an intellectual point of view thanks to the divulging work I do through Emoenergetica, whose principles and fundamentals I expose in my blog and my book.

Chema Sanz

Spiritual Coaching

You have everything that you wanted,
you have achieved success, if so, where is your happiness?

After a long journey in which you've accomplished your personal and professional goals, you find yourself wondering where is that peace, satisfaction and happiness that you expected. Where is it? Our society teaches us to develop a goal-oriented personality. The problem is that such mindset is in a permanent state of dissatisfaction. We can, however, learn how to channel our desires, giving priority to the journey and appreciating the value of life as a transcendent experience in which self-knowledge is the real deal.

You won't find happiness here, but you will learn how to cultivate well-being if you want.

What if our biggest mistake is wasting the possibilities of development and consciousness that we have as human beings, using our capacity to decide in a perverted way, turning the prodigious act of living into a serial routine of nonsense, banalities, attachments, addictions, vanities, lamentations, bad imitations, forgetfulness, illusions and falsehoods?

The experience of focusing on the process of your life makes it easier to appreciate both what you have achieved and what you could achieve. Giving less weight to your goals whilst still fulfilling them will save you energy which you may devote to building that inner space through which you feel connected to existence, as you walk elegantly through the everyday world. Discover with bioenergetic resonance sessions how a 21st century spirituality can help you take advantage of your personal successes.

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Self-esteem and the connection with your centre as the basis for everything else

Loving oneself is more than a nice topic
Dare to make it happen

In our current evolutionary state, the deviation of the emotional equilibrium seems almost natural. This leads, among other things, to an obsessive preoccupation with the self, which in turn is fed back by the perverse schemes of emotional dependence that originate in infancy, at first towards the paternal and maternal figures. This prevents natural needs in the infant and child from evolving into the autonomous and balanced abilities of SELF-IMAGING, SELF-ESTEEM and SELF-VALUATION in the adult.

The dominator-dominated scheme comes from the egoic modality of our personality, which in turn has its origin in the emotional dependence. Human beings have established obtaining attention, affection and support from others as their existential mission, instead of employing their energetic and cognitive resources on entering the fascinating journey of self-knowledge. This is emotional dependence at work. However, to know oneself means to perceive, each time in a more powerful and complete way, the union and connection with one's own individuality. For this, it is necessary to increase our consciousness, to bring literally the radiance of its light to each of the areas of one's own being that were previously obscured.

Enlightening one's shadow is the way through which one builds their true self-esteem and the purest love: that which is directed towards oneself (as a being, not as a person). In this way, we could progressively stop asking others for the love, support and attention that we did not give ourselves. It would then no longer make sense to continue defending any dominator-dominated roles. It would be unnecessary to possess or be possessed by anyone, so that a true sharing based on complementarity without dominance would begin.

There is a real option to leave behind, little by little, our egoic phase to reach another kind of humanity, which would solve the ancestral problems by having managed to renounce its most precious good, which is at the same time its greatest perversion: the dominator-dominant scheme. However, this collective model, also called the social spider web, will hardly change in the short term.

The conscious individual must take on the task of fighting almost alone, although with a process of growth like the one I offer you might maximize your possibilities.


Modernizing the connection with the sacred

In certain cultures, the figure of the shaman embodies the intermediary between the spiritual and physical worlds. The Bioenergetic Resonance model affirms that our reality is formed by a double nature, a physical one, accessible up to a point by our ordinary senses and experienced in our everyday world, and another with a subtle-energetic kind, accessible only through the extraordinary senses, which are usually more or less asleep in most people. The subtle realm is the domain of the shaman.

However, I do not feel close to traditional shamanism; I am not interested in drugs or rituals, which are often a fundamental part of these disciplines. Neither is my path the one followed by Carlos Castaneda or other shamans of our time, since I do not belong to a lineage or tradition. In the case of Castaneda, I share personal preference and experience a good part of the core of his theoretical principles since I have been able to live in the first person and understand at least an important part of his postulates.

I am an explorer of consciousness, I can modify my perception and see what very few see. I have developed a whole system of energetic and spiritual healing, the Bioenergetic Resonance. I have created a cognitive and perceptual model that delves into the nature of the human mind and soul, the Emoenergetica. I perceive emotions as bands of energy, I explain, delimit and relate them as few people have done until now. So when I categorize myself as a "neo-shaman" it is, on the one hand, a declaration of affinity and, on the other hand, an expression of the desire that some of us should definitely be able to leave behind a stale, heavy and simplistic part that is still very much present in the spiritual world and in alternative therapies.

I believe that we need to renew ourselves, to bring into the present only the essence of the old that serves us to evolve, banishing everything else, leaving room for knowledge rather than belief and innovation rather than superstition. I'm not claiming I've achieved this, but I am working on it. In this new era, scientific knowledge, technology, interconnectivity and reason must be a natural part of the spiritual human being, along with the audacity to explore territories beyond the conventional.

This is a time of unprecedented opportunity in human history. Emoenergetica is also part of those opportunities that have rarely been available in the past.

Texts and Photographs © Chema Sanz 2018